Frequently asked questions

How many times will we need to meet ?

Most people just need to meet once and they will have the plan to get more points & miles and use them more efficiently.
In some rare complicated cases a second session might be needed, but is optional, as is inviting me back to learn more and make it a hobby.

What can i expect in a consultation ?

Upon arrival, Owen will give you a signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). This is a contract that confirms that any personal financial information you give Owen, legally it can not be discussed or shared with anyone else. This is the equivalent of a doctor / patient confidentiality.
Together you will go through The Points Parter program : This is a series of questions designed to give Owen all the information he requires to make recommendations.
At the same time you will be educated & learn tips & information along the way. If not covered during the session, Owen will summarize actionable tasks at the end : A list of things to do or change.

How long is a consultation ?

A session normally lasts between 1.5 - 2.5 hours.

What payment methods do you except ?

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Venmo (@owenbeiny)
  • Credit Card (3.75% added to balance)
  • All payments are due on the day of consultation.

Do you receive payments or sales commissions from companies for referring particular banks, credit card or airlines to me ?

No , I am completely independent and impartial. I am here to find what is best for and your lifestyle & i have no affiliation or affiliate programs with any companies.

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