The Points Partner Services

Increase your air miles & points - helping you to spend them efficiently to give you free flights, upgraded statuses and add that little bit of luxury into your life. I will also assess your home spending & create a bespoke plan to save you both money & time.



Take an overview of your accounts to ensure you are getting all the potential benefits associated with them.

Recommend special offers, promotions and most importantly accounts which sync and transfer with your credit cards 



Credit Cards & Points

Assess all your cards and orchestrate an overhaul - advising you which ones to keep, which to downgrade and new cards to sign up for in order to start maximizing your benefits immediately

Teach you how to use the cards most efficiently - down to which cards to use in which stores at the right time to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck every time you spend



Suggest the best airlines and partners based on your travel needs

Maximize your air miles, travel hubs and help you access private lounges as well as improving your overall airport experience

Help you increase your airline status by joining custom loyalty programs which will enable you to travel on mileage tickets and enjoy upgrades and perks

Home Spending :

Optimizing & Efficiency

Study your credit/debit card statements with a view to having you save money and gain more points  - from joining subscription services to using loyalty schemes

Help you implement the software and technology you need in order to receive discounts - saving time and money

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